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From the local news station...

$2.6 million.

No one wants to see this locomotive restored more than I do, but I think the tax payers of PA still deserve some explanation about what happened with the first few million.  And, what the heck have they been doing the last several years since it returned from Steamtown?

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How long has it been sitting in Altoona? I do remember reading that it was at Steamtown's shops, but that was quite a bit ago IIRC. Was only part of it in Steamtown and the rest sitting at Altoona until Steamtown sent whatever they had been working on?

Anyway, Rich says 1361 will run. I guess things will keep coming and we'll just keep waiting. Maybe Rich has the inside track?

@Rich Melvin posted:

Yes, I do think it will run again. However, I don’t have any “inside” information about it. I just know some of the people involved…very credible people.

Good to know Rich. I really hope that things progress the best way possible, no snags, and whatever would be the most probable time needed to get it running. That said, I hope it doesn't take 10-15 years or something that would be crazy to most. Granted I know that things just don't happen fast like the days of steam as there isn't a spare parts shop, great number of fabricators/suppliers just down the road, that sort of stuff. Only time will tell.

@KOOLjock1 posted:

TV reporters… “most steam locomotives were retired in the 1980’s…”

Journalism is dead.


I mean if we speak in technicality, the reporter isn’t too far off. NS steam ended in the 90’s, retiring almost all of the steam locomotives operating in mainline service here in the east (611, 1218, 4501, 630, 2716, etc). Even the faux Southern 2-10-4 (610) was gone by the early 80’s. A lot of restoration stars were being retired by the 80’s and 90’s.

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