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I got no answer with this post a few days ago:

Being late to the game I only have a DCS Remote Commander and a DCS WiFi Explorer and neither of those will activate the station stop sounds for my PS3 subway set.

I pre-ordered the new WTIU awhile ago and am waiting for one like everyone else, but that question is not answered.  The only thing I see in the description is:

Passenger Station/Freight Yard Proto-Effect Announcements

Not the same as the subway stop chain sound files (TAS)

Does anyone know the answer?



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Technically, you can access those sounds files conventionally. They’re programmed into the engine.  The DCS system just makes it a whole lot easier to access them via a Tiu.  I don’t represent mth and no one has told me anything, but I’m willing to bet the farm that they’ve included the same accessibility in the new wtiu.  Why would they eliminate such simple coding, particularly when there are so many subway engines out there. I wouldn’t worry on this one, craftech.

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