Hello O scale world ... today we take a ride on the William Crooks ... a pre-Civil War engine .. The Crooks during it retirement did not rest ..running under it's own power in 1927 for the B&O bash ...1939 NYC World's Fair , and 1949 Chicago Railroad Fair ... The Crooks being shown  at the 1939 Fair, pulling it's two cars must have been the inspiration to Louis Beuhler of Allentown, PA to build his own model ..to be displayed at the Leigh Valley show in February 1940 as photographed in Model Railroader. Built to two rail , motor in tender , operating Stevenson valve gear ... throw a log in the firebox and pull back on the throttle .

Cheers Carey 

 07061901570706190157a07061901580706190147William Crooks MR Feb 1940 Louis Beuhler


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