In the 1990s William's trains sold heavyweight passenger sets with color passenger window inserts. Even the baggage cars had a color insert behind the main doors.

Anyone know of a source where I can purchase NOS or used inserts?

I'm interested in using the inserts with some modifications in the window frames of my standard gauge tinplate passenger cars.

(Yes...... When you get bitten by the 3 rail train bug, you sometimes play on the other side of the street, ....the dark side....."g" , "tinplate", " HON3")

I remember some hobbyists felt the inserts looked too toy like. I always thought they looked nostalgic, but I never invested in William's cars ( I was more interested in 3 rail with painted interiors and then later on scale people.)

Maybe some one here with a four car set could post a few close-up picks of the people  in the windows and baggage car interior?  Then I could  cobble together  several of the silhouettes,  make a few strips and copy onto onion skin paper, to hopefully "populate" my cars.  I know Marx inserts can be had, but I believe the older William's had more variety of peoples faces.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. If needed my email is in my profile. Thanks.

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Much appreciated Johnniewalker

I'm guessing you were pleased with the results. I just think they are more fitting to the era of tinplate. Would be nice if MTH could do lithographs for their future product and also offer them as add on. Most cars are pretty "standard"  in their own series. (I.E. 200, 400, State, etc.) Ives, Dorfan, Lionel all made their products in limited configurations. I'm referring only to American product. ( not Bing, Marklin etc.)

Restored Old or reproduction I bet many folks would get a kick out of putting people in their cars, especially if a reasonable representation of the era. Dorfan was the only one to include passenger head and shoulders ( and personally they seem too small).

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