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I have this board that I ripped out and threw in a pile. I did not think I'd ever use it again. It was suggested on a post that this is a Williams board. It has two square bridge rectifiers on the bottom and they're marked DC?

I'm trying to use it for a test. Because I'm not sure, I put another bridge rectifier inline before the board to run it with AC.

I'm also guessing that the yellow and blue wires are outputs to the motors and red and black is the input to the board.

and I'm guessing that the switch is for polarity correction on forward motion?

Does anyone know how to wire this old board?

Am I correct? board on the right with the 2 blue boxes (relays?)

I have to add that someone had wires thrown in that seemed like afterthoughts or changes to originals. Joints were a mess too.

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