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Hi Folks,

I see a fair number of these nice looking locos for sale, in used VG condition. 

I was wondering if they have a can motor or a wound motor.  The little bit I can see online of the maintenance sheet seems to show a single can motor, mounted horizontally.     

If this loco is all brass, do you think that having just one motor gives it enough oomph to pull  7 or 8 cars?

Also, how does it handle when it enters regular 031 curves.  Do you get slight slow downs, or substantial slowdowns?

Thanks for all info and experiences.


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I have on in 2 rail.    So I can't answer you curve questions.   In 2 rail my smallest curve is 48 inch radius and it does not hesitate on it.    The Weaver 0-8-0 would slow down or stall on that.

There is a chinese brand can motor, not a pittman.   It is mounted with a closed gear box with gear reduction to allow the motor to use a better torque range which improves slow speed operation.

Mine will easily pull 15 or more cars on level track.   My cars are free rolling mostly Atlas which are not lightweight

The detail is a little basic in terms of brass but very well made and as good as any diecast I have seen.

The B6sb represent the latest ones Pennsy built that came with power reverse and hense the smaller cab.

I bought one new. Sold it and decided to focus on the NYC. From what I remember it was a good runner. Very well built. Can’t comment on 031 curves. But it should be fine. The one glitch it had. The roller mounted on the tender had an issue at times backing up. The arm would come in contact with the front trucks rear axle and trip the breaker. A couple of notches cut into the pickups arms solved the issue.

Here's the story on the Williams B6sb (#5200).  I love it.  Great runner.  Mine's been converted to TMCC.  It's rated for O42 curves.  The only reason is that the front coupler swing can't handle O31.  You can push (uncoupled) cars around O31 curves or you can run the engine coupled in reverse around O31 curves no problem.


2-railer here - I have three, and think they are a "best buy" in O Scale.  Mine towers over a scale box car, and is larger than my CLW H10 Consolidation, but I am really happy.  I dare not say they are 17/64 scale, since that seems to make folks unhappy.  I converted one to the 701-style cab.  Two were converted to 2-rail; the third came from the factory that way.

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