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Hello to all. 

There are several older posts in which one of our Memorialized members "Boxcar Bill" produced a kit that included the Lionel 610-8057-200 smoke unit to use as a retrofit to a Williams  Steamer.  "See post Williams Smoke Unit Upgrade"   Does anyone have a copy of his wiring instructions and maybe even pictures of your actual conversion to see how the Lionel 610-8057-200 smoke unit is hooked up to the Williams steam engine board?   Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks for your answer John.  I  guess I just need to understand where the wires from the 3 pin Leoco connector go and to identify those three wires.  In his description Boxcar Bill mentions that he included one of those "female side" connectors in his kit.  He also included a resistor which I still have to identify how it will be part of the circuit, and a convenient on and off switch.   Do you know where I can find one of these connectors so that I can connect it to the Lionel 610-8057-200 smoke unit ?   Also can you identify where the resistor will be in the circuit.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I still have to purchase the smoke unit, but I am doing the coordination to get everything ready to do the conversion.    Thanks again. Rory.     

I have no idea what resistor he's adding, where did you see a description of the kit?  The connectors are easy, they're JST-EH connectors, available at Digikey or Mouser.  The outside middle pin is frame ground, the two outside pins go to the hot side.  The smoke resistor doesn't change AFAIK.  I don't have a part # for the switch.  Here's a convenient harness at Lionel with the switch and the 3-pin connector.


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Hello John:

Here is copy of Boxcar Bills post below .  Now that I read it again, I think he  upgraded the smoke unit internally by changing the resistor.

"The kit contains the 610-8057-200 smoke unit, new batting, new resistor, on and off switch, three pin leoco connector w/wires and funnel. They are for conventional running only. If i ever get a chance to complete, we have a few other goodies on the drawing board.


Let me know what you think.  Rory

Yes, if Bill replaced the smoke resistor, there are lots of choices, depending on if you're running conventional or command, and also how you're powering the smoke unit.  I'd leave the stock resistor in it to start and see how it works out.  I suspect bill went with something like an 18-20 ohm resistor for the lower conventional voltages.

Direct link to that part that has the switch & connector.

Lionel 620-1274-203

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