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I have one. Only had it out of the box for a couple of test runs. I think it looks very nice. I am not real particular about details, but it really does represent the little GE's very well. Mine runs nice and smooth right out of the box too. I have wanted one of these for many years, and am glad they did this model.


I have about two dozen either done or in process for various NC and WV shortlines and industrials.  Not brass, but I'm not complaining.  Being by Williams they are conventional operation only, I have upgraded some to ERR with sound and electrocouplers using a mini commander board.  BE WARNED, if you do all the upgrades and using the least expensive vendor for the core, you will have around $500 in each one, not counting your time.  Still no complaints.

These engines are modeled after the late version with the grill in front and sealed beam headlights, I backdated mine (as needed) by removing details and puttying over the grill along with making older incandescent headlight housings.

BE WARNED AGAIN, there were many variations, know your prototype.

The engines have two motors , but only one axle per truck is powered, I have moved as many as 14 scale plastic hoppers using care while starting not to slip the wheels.  The handrails are a little large but much more robust than the 44 tonner which break if you look at them wrong.  See pictures of three from my "fleet".

For my purposes and the dollars, they are great little engines.20200213_18102720200308_13125520200422_165002


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