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Several replys have mentioned traction tire replacement. Can someone share the source/size for replacement tires  for a Southern 2-8-2? Thanks!

MTH DE-0000025 tires are what I use for Williams and Weaver 2-8-2's.


Same here on the 2-8-2.  The list I have shows to use DE-0000031 for the 4-6-2 and the N&W J 4-8-4.

As far as replacing tires, they're no more difficult than replacing tires on MTH steamers.  I use 2 tiny flat screwdrivers and work my way around the tire with one while holding the tire steady with the other.


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How easy is it to change the tires on the williams crown edotion engines?

When I changed the tires on my J, it took about 10-15 minutes, two small flat head screw drivers for the tires worked well.  

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