I’m looking for someone who can install  a ERR system in a Williams diesel locomotive.Any recommendation is appreciated. Thanks

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I’ve done quite a few of these locomotives myself for friends in my local club. It’s pretty straightforward, but depending on the engine in question, speaker mounting might differ in sound quality and/or difficulty in installation.

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These have to be the easiest conversion in the history of conversions.  A few screws get the shell off, the newer Williams locos have plug in wires to the existing reverse board so simple to remove.  The directions with a cruise commander are straight forward.  Tackle this yourself, the sense of accomplishment you top the improved performance of the loco.

I have done a few conversions:

Williams BNSF GP38-2 and Santa Fe F45.


Also a Williams powered and dummy Santa Fe F7A's.


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

I've done a ton of ERR conversions, for a generic diesel where you don't have smoke or need any fancy lighting features, they're very easy to whack out, give it a whorl.

Question for you, since I happen to read this thread. I have a Williams Brass from the early 1990's (Hudson), how hard is converting one of those over to ERR?  Not necessarily looking for realistic sound or for smoke (I likely won't use the smoke unit even if I keep in conventional), basic whistle  and speed control are really all I am looking for. 

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It's clearly more difficult than a simple diesel, but it's not a huge issue.  Since you're looking for a basic conversion, you could really leave the locomotive with the 4-pin tether and just upgrade the tender with the ERR cruise and sound.  The standard wiring of the Williams brass of that era was the motor and track power in the tether, and the headlight was on a CV board.  You could leave all that and basically just replace the tender electronics.

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