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Williams engines do not have a very high resale price.  But for someone who either runs conventional or doesn't mind messing with them to install Command Control, they are a great bargain.  They look very nice, because they are simple in construction they are bulletproof, and you can run them and run them without worrying that somehow you are hurting the value.  There are nice Williams passenger cars available that are good looking.  Cool MoPac engines.  If they were mine I would keep them and run them a lot.

Those Williams-Bachman sets for the F3 and F7 are still out there NIB on some sites, but for some reason the F7s are priced as much as $75 to $100 higher than the F3s.  I would prefer to get an F7 set, because I like shorter engines, but have to ask myself if that justifies paying so much more.  (Especially since I would be getting rid of the dummy unit.)


The Wms F3's are more accurate than the F7's - the Kusan nose is not shaped correctly. All actual EMD F's had the same "face".

Having said that, both types are a lot of bang for the buck, if bought wisely. Easy to upgrade to Command Control. As a matter if fact, the Williams (WBB or otherwise) F3's and F7's couple closer than more expensive models, and often look more realistic because of it. This also applies to their Alco FA's. 

@Mannyrock posted:

Just for  clarity, I am talking about A-A sets.


Just thought I'd toss this out...

I had these Williams WP F3s listed for sale on the Forum a few months back. No takers then. These are great looking trains and are virtually brand new.

Don't want to say more on this thread but if interested, shoot me an email and we'll talk.



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@Norton posted:

Williams has made both F3s and F7s... Motors are the same but the trucks are apparently slightly different. When Williams offered power upgrade kits for their diesels the F3 and F7 power trucks had different part numbers.


Just the opposite. The trucks are the same, but the motors have different flywheels. As Gene already stated, that's because the F3 body has less internal headroom than the F7.

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