Here's an interesting package for you - Beautiful AA pair of Wms E7 diesels that have MTH motors and PS2 electronics in place of the original Wms motors and e unit. The previous owner swapped the guts with a RK modern diesel w/PS2. They ran well and sound great but would occasionally 'slip a gear' is the best description I can give to it. Evidently the MTH gears are ever so slightly mismatched to the engine's truck that they make a 'bump noise' from time to time with a heavy load.  When I ran them with a moderate consist, they were perfectly fine.

I had thought about removing the motors and electronics and picking up some Wms innards to return them to 'stock' but bought the Lionel Legacy E7s and now am willing to let these go. The color on these is very prototypical while the Lionels are actually too bright but I like them anyway.

These are not 'rare' but are seldom seen. They are beautiful and in excellent condition. The front pilot was glued back on at some point and is about a half inch too far back from the nose. Easy fix.

Don't have a DCS system available to test them and when I set them on a test track with a ZW in conventional, the sound came on but they didn't respond to the manual controls. Ran fine a couple of years ago with DCS before I moved but I had never tried them in conventional. Could need a new battery? I'm not very savvy with the electronics...

Asking only $300 because you are getting a PS2 system with these although I am unable to confirm full functionality.  The locomotive alone is easily worth that. Shipping free east of the Mississippi




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