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While trying to oil my Williams PA-1 powered engine, the needle from the oil bottle fell in to the body of the engine. I had to take the front truck off to get to it with a magnetic screwdriver. I have been trying to get that screw back in to the truck, but it will not go in, I line up the screw hole with a drill bit the same size, then put the screw in, but it will not screw in, I haven't slammed it against the wall yet, but I'm getting close, why am I having this problem?

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You have to take the body shell off. It should be four phillips screws on the bottom, two in the front and two in the rear holding it on. The truck did not have to come off if the needle fell into the body of the loco. When the shell comes off you will understand how it all goes together.

Thanks guys for your help, tried moving things around and probably tried putting that screw in 200 times. And Mike I don't have the confidence to try taking the body off, anyway that train has worn out it's welcome on my layout for  now, I've replaced it with another one of my trains and will worry about that problem at another time, it's tough when you love trains but know nothing about them mechanics wise. I was shocked that I was able to run 4 bus lines around my 8x20 table with feeders and they actually worked! Thanks again!

Hello, Late to the Game,

Your post about success with the bus wire tells me that you can learn just as I am learning. You see, I am a old retired academic. Reading 2500 year old authors' works doesn't prepare one to fix things, and I had long been convinced that I could not do so. But trains helped me learn and, more importantly, helped me learn that I can learn and can succeed. Oh, yes, I still work slowly and patiently, and I take pictures as I go to help an old bean remember things. I have made mistakes (some quite hilarious), but the learning is the best part.

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Four screws, six screws, doesn't really matter in the long run.  Once removed the shell lifts right off and should go right back on.  FWIW, several of my williams now only have 2 screws.  The shell stays on quite nicely and access is easier.  One screw front right or left, one screw rear opposite corner.

Out of all the locos out there, Williams are the easiest to work on.  Excluding steamers.  You can do you this'.. Turn it upside down.  Find the screws. Remove.  The shell will lift right off.  Just watch for wires.   If you are going to continue model railroading... You need to learn this stuff.  Now lets give it a try....

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