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I would like to expand my Christmas layout enough to add the scale Williams GG1 which needs a 42" minimum curve.  I have a semi-scale GG1 now but would like more scale.  I'm thinking of trying to do 48" curves to save me from any headaches in the long run but I'm limited in the size of my layout and 48" would push me into the hazard margin because you need to add about a total of 3 1/2 inches (two sides) from track centerline to the 48" which basically exceeds my envelope.

Does anyone with the Williams scale GG1 have issues running it on 42" curves?  How about track inclines and descents, is there enough vertical freedom in the trucks to accommodate elevations in the track?


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I ended up with 2 Williams scale GG1s.  GRJ installed PS3 boards in them.  I got the Williams models instead of MTH specifically because they will do O42 curves.  But as Gene mentioned, they do have quite a bit of overhang.  I didn’t like the massive overhang on my tighter curves so I only run them on wider loops.  But even on the widest loop, there is one spot where the overhang causes a clearance problem.  I put a sign there to keep from ripping the pantograph off.  I have run them on inclines of 3% without problems.  You should get one Foxer.  They look a lot better than the semi scale version.

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I have a Williams scale GG1 number 4876 ( the one that pulled the Federal and crashed through Union Station in January 1953 ).  I also have a scale Williams dummy GG1.  I like running them in tandem.  As others have said , the overhang on 042 is pretty ridiculous.   I have 042 curves at one end of my layout and 054 at the other end.  I also have created tunnels at each end of the layout which hide any ridiculous looking overhang of the GG1 and other scale locomotives with excessive overhang.  The Williams scale GG1 is a great puller and is problem free mechanically speaking.  I've had mine since 2008 with no problems so far.  I'd say buy one Foxer55! fullsizeoutput_1d5


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My largest curves are 042, and the Williams moves through them with no problem whatsoever. HOWEVER: the only switch / turnout mine will go through without derailing is a PREWAR 072.  I've tried K-Line, Lionel, MTH, and the pilot trucks will jump them all. I don't know if it's just mine, or if anyone else has had a similar problem.

No matter, it's still a great engine, and I'm glad I own one.

@trumptrain posted:

I have a Williams scale GG1 number 4876 ( the one that pulled the Federal and crashed through Union Station in January 1953 ).  I also have a scale Williams dummy GG1.  I like running them in tandem.

I didn’t know that a Williams scale GG1 dummy existed.  I want one.  There is actually one on ebay at the moment, but it’s not in the paint scheme I’m interested in and it’s a bit more than I want to pay.  Something to keep my eyes open for.

The dummies were a real bargain too as you could pick them up for about $100 sometimes. I have the so-called 'Blackjack' version which is quite striking when dbl-headed with another. Here it is with the JLC Tuscan which I no longer have but have acquired the JLC (lower photo) 5 stripe Brunswick Green locomotive. Have yet to run them together but am looking forward to it and some new photos!



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Didn't the equally beautiful Weaver brass GG1 have essentially the same chassis as the Williams? Years ago I had the 1st issue Weaver which didn't have flywheels but was exquisite in detail and especially the paint finish. They were $800 when new but were the first readily available 3 rail scale model. No fancy electronics with just a horn. (There was a House of Duddy model produced previously but I've still never seen one personally.)  It ran very smoothly and Weaver added flywheels to the 2nd production run.

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You occasionally see a dummy Williams GG1 in ebay but for what they sell for you can pick  up a powered one at Trainworld  for $249.99 plus shipping with Trueblast Plus sound. I unplugged the TB-2 sound units in the older Gs and lash them up with the TB Plus Gs. One nice thing you can Protypically couple a Penn Central to a Conrail, Amtrak, PRR single stripe etc.

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I have 2 Williams scale GG1s and they run on my 0-42 curves without a problem! I had them both upgraded to PS3 so I have the ability to run scale GG1s on my 0-42 curves and have the great command/sound system of MTH. Links are to videos of my Amtrak Phase I and PRR 5 stripe Brunswick Green .
I plan on getting three more (PRR silver, PC Black, and Conrail) since they are great pullers and have been very reliable.


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