357D0B12-B7F9-46DA-BFE6-B232A4727B3FEF6F10D5-5A35-491E-BF3F-2A4CC43913F2I just received a set of FA-1 engines today new in the box and I have never in all of my year’s collection trains have I seen anything like this. The side frame for ALL OF THE TRUCKS ARE IN PIECES INSIDE THE BOX!!72A48B0A-02D3-4E22-A067-B7FD2BBA6882 The outer shipping carton is fine no damage as well as the Styrofoam inserts. It is like the metal is so brittle. You can literally break it with your fingers. This is the first Williams Engines  i have ever purchased and to say I am disappointed is putting it mild. Has anyone seen this problem before?

I looked on their website for replacement parts but it says sold out. Guess this must be an issue for them.


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My Williams Pennsy FAs had the same problem and The Late Jerry Williams did replace them with a new pair but Bachmann don't have much in replacement parts. If you bought it in ebay I would return it for a refund under the buyer protection plan.


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Zinc pest. Welcome to the world of Chinese metallurgy. I have a Williams Alco FA that had the same issue. I found a set of side frames at York that fit.Be aware there are more than one style of side frame! Don't ask how I know this...





Ok I'll ask. Are you trying to say there are different mounting holes for the same sat style sideframes or that yes there are different B-B styles of Truck frame sides in EMD Bloomberg style compared to GE Genesis style, compared to A.A.R. friction bearing style (as in the FA-1)

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Well, you haven’t been reading the forum much then, because the problem of zinc pest has been discussed often and in great lengths over the years.

Just do a Google search for zinc pest for a concise summary of what it is.

And isn’t only a Chinese production thing. Zinc pest affected toy and scale trains prior to World War II in American production.

Jim R. 

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