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The craziest thing I saw my dad do was _________________.
The greatest lesson about life I learned from Dad _________________.
I love my Dad because _________________. (great for younger children)
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Original Post

I consider My Dad to be my Hero, even though he embarrasses me and my family in public. I love my Dad because he puts my family first before He does anything for himself. When I was 3 weeks old(I did not remember this like most people do about their childhood) I rode on my Dad's 1 1/2 inch scale steam engine as he was holding on to me. The train gene did not skip a generation as my Dad and I have so much trains that my mom complains that we need to stop buying stuff. The Greatest lesson about life I learned from my Dad is regarding trains and his quote that i will live by as i continue my hobby of trains is "to go to school, get a good job and Buy trains."

Tim Lewis


Well here it is straight from my 5 year old Son:


Craziest thing my dad did: 

"He likes to ride trains, play trains, and kiss my Mom"

Greatest lessons:

"Playing Trains and no running in the house. Shows me how to build and fix things "

I love my Dad because:

"Because he loves me and he likes to play trains with me, He does my homework, cause I never complete it, He likes to listen to my story books at night when I read"



I don't have Facebook so thought I would share here...

Craziest thing: threw away a whistle tender because the whistle didn't work. He was a maintenance mechanic.

Greatest lesson: keep my faith in God and never give up.

I love my dad: The fourth Commandment- Honor thy father and Mother he was an honorable man, and he liked trains.


I can't think of everything         

God'sNot Dead

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