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George Pandelios is working on a project building the Train Station at Steubenville Ohio but had to make a decision of what to do about all the windows, roughly 42 plus a dormer and 6 vents.

These are all special and would have to reverse engineered which could end up being too costly. We got together through this forum and collaborated on making these. George was able to get pictures and came up with some home made prints showing necessary dimensions. From these I was able to create 3D models in CAD and then produce STL files to 3D print. This took a little while as we started in mid Dec and I shipped the whole lot (with spares totaled 69 pieces) to him on the 22nd of this month, so George has only seen pictures so far. (maybe Tuesday George). This is how the forum works best, have a problem and we will find an answer.

CAD all windows_4 image006station rt side 010track side_1


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  • station rt side 010
  • track side_1
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@Mark Boyce posted:

Excellent job, Ray!!!  Those are great photographs of the Steubenville station George got.  It will look great on his layout when done.

Bill, yes.  I enlarged the photographs and see he has an iPhone 12.  The guy by the door is sad as he holds his old flip phone.


Mark, I have it on good authority that the station only got Wi-Fi in 1953.   

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sidehack for all the assistance with the windows.  This would not have happened without him!


@BillYo414 posted:

That's awesome!! I think this stuff is a lot of fun when you start with nothing and do some detective work to come up with a finished product. Those photos are awesome too! Is that guy in the last photo taking a call on his cell phone?

Are these being printed on an FDM or resin printer?

Bill, yes a Prusa MK3 with over 1700 hours run time, .....great printer.

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