Does anyone have a wiring diagram to directly wire an AC Pullmor motor without using an e-unit? It is not cost effective to replace the e-unit and the motor is on good condition so the engine can be wired to go in one direction.

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Connect the center rail roller wire to one brush holder.  Connect the other brush holder to the loose field wire.  The other field wire should be permanently connected to the motor frame, which gets to the outside rail power.  If the motor is not running in the direction you want it to, reverse the connections to the brush holders.  This is a series wound motor.  It is important the power goes through the armature then through the field. 

Yup, as seen in this pic:


The gray wire is connected between one end of the field-winding and one brush-holder. The other end of the field-winding is connected to the motor frame (ground) from the factory. The black wire which is soldered to the other brush-holder will go to the center-rail pickup-roller. And away she'll go.



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An other similar question, where do I attache a wire to a Lionel AC pullmor motor to get a source of track voltage when only in reverse to run a backup light on the coal tender? 


Wire a 6 volt light between one of the brushes and ground. Test run the loco to see which brush to use.

One of the smaller companies did this in the 50's. I think it was GMC, general models corporation.


I just pulled an e unit and have is listed on the for sale board for $5 plus shipping if you decide you want a reverse unit.  It came from a MAC  era go9, very low use.

I think a 2 pos. e unit for dual wound motors would be another spot; those swap chassis ground to red or green and brush orientation doesn't change.

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Unfortunately the 2-position e-units will ONLY work with locos that have a "double-wound" field (two field windings of opposite "handedness.")  Most Lionel locos have a single field winding, and will require a 3-position e-unit, either electronic or electromechanical.

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