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All I need is a number!

Have you tried entering the product number in the Lionel parts search function on their website?  Sometimes the parts breakdown for the product will show a harness number.

Also, the Parts Supplements frequently shown harness part numbers.  Supplements 1-47 are available on line.

For now, post the product name and number on the forum and perhaps you'll get better help.

I do not really know very much but for what ever reason Lionel numbers are not a standard thing. Close but not enough maybe to depend on. I think Jackie you might figure all wire harnesses start with same say 4 numbers. That would make sense but might not be true in Lionel world. Like I said, I do not know much but this is a trend I have found.

Problem solved........My boxski pup just destoryed the e-unit 610-0103-100 or damaged it  .........anyone what two e-units   sell cheap,,,,,,,,,say 10.00 for both........these are not the units that carl talks about on his web page.........I'm going to order them in a few moments................

PS    Boxski is boxer male and husky female............

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