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@James McGehee Jr. How is the 153IR Controller connected to the power source?

Are you using Aux or Track Power? (check pages 3-6 in the controller manual)   link here> 153IR Controller Manual

Assuming the power connections are correct, it's possible either the controller or the Gateman is at fault.

Because the the wire paths are a little difficult to follow in the diagram on page 16 of the 153IR Controller manual, this may help (although the actual "PWR" wire may not actually be red), I just sketched it in red for clarity.

Automatic Gateman Wiring to 153IR Controller-mu

If your connections are like above, then you may want to check to see if the Gateman is working correctly by temporarily connecting the two wires together as shown by the red jumper in the picture below.

Automatic Gateman Wiring-testing

Even though you're not using a traditional 153 Contactor like the one shown in this picture, where the wires go into the Gateman shack are easier to see here.  With these 2 wires temporarily connected together (where the red wire shown in this second image) and powered from the transformer, the Gateman should activate.  The jumper connection just temporarily emulates the action of the relay within the 153 Contactor.  If that works, there may be a problem with the 153IR Controller.  If not, the issue is probably in the Gateman.

Another consideration as you may know, 153IR Controllers rely on their transmitted Infrared light source, reflected off a passing train back into the controller's sensor to activate.  They have been known to have issues when installed where they're exposed to bright light.  Cylindrical tank cars can also reflect the IR signal away from the sensor.

Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you figure out what's going on.  Good Luck.


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  • Automatic Gateman Wiring to 153IR Controller-mu
  • Automatic Gateman Wiring-testing

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