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Hello all,
I recently purchased a Ross Double Crossover with preinstalled DZ1000s. I also purchased a DZ1008 in order to keep the center rails around the diamond powered.
I've run into a issue with installation. Included with the DZ1008 are instructions that indicate that all one needs to do is unscrew the DZ1000 wire leads, then replace them with the prongs from the DZ1008 (ala plug in and go.) However, all four of the included DZ1000 switch machines seem to have forgone the screws. The wire leads are directly soldered onto the DZ1000s pcb.

Any suggestions around this or I am missing something here? Right now it looks as though I may have to get creative with soldering.

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So wait, does that mean the DZ1008 does not clip directly into the DZ1000?
I understand the concept of wiring the DZ1000 leads to the prongs of the DZ1008, but it seems based on the instructions that the DZ1008 should slot into the DZ1000 with screw terminals (albeit ones that seem absent on mine) and then it essentially is clipped on.

Old DZ-1000s came with screw terminals. New ones come with pig tails. The screw terminals were a problem source; the pigtails are an improvement. The DZ-1008 instructions are old. The wire colors match, though: green to green, yellow to yellow, red to red, black to ground. The DZ-1002 controllers need the same ground as the DZ-1008.

If you are wiring any of them for non-derailing, the ground for the relay must be the same as the ground for the switch machines and the rail ground.

I've been down a long road with a Ross 11 1/2 degree crossing...

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