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I have a new style Chuff/Puff board, which only has a black/white wire pair that I believe goes to the smoke fan, and a three position terminal block. Unlike the

former ERR "fam Chuffer" board that had an additional two pin connector for track power, per an older instruction sheet wiring diagram I had.

Any Ideas how this new board gets wired.


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That's not my board, that's the old ERR board that hasn't been made in years.

If you want real chuffing smoke, smoke at idle, and even Rule-17 LED headlight and automatic cab light control, consider my product. Super-Chuffer II.

Here's the instructions for the ERR board you have: ERR Smoke Fan Chuffer Install Notes.pdf

Here's the schematic of that board, as you can see, it's just a power supply and a couple of transistors to isolate the chuff switch from the fan.

ERR Smoke Fan Poffer Schematic


So, I really appreciate the response GRJ, but that schematic references the board that has three locations for external connection. My board, seen in the picture at the top of this post, has only two positions. The leoco style connector (2 pin) with the black and white wires attached (came with the board), are to go to the Fan. The three position screw-in terminal block has a label saying Pwr/Cam. along the edge of the block. The drawing you link is the same as the one I have from an earlier version of this board. I am thinking the "Pwr/Cam is referring to track power, but I am not sure, and the 'Cam" is referring to the magnetic sensing reed switch. This board came from ERR, in a package labeled Chuff/Puff. Since the notes I saw implied you can use this board if running Command Control only, I opted to not use the puffer board.

Looking closer at your picture, I do see there's a difference, I've never seen that board.  This looks like an improvement over the previous board, it has a 555 timer on it.  It actually should be pretty easy to figure out the wiring, the pin on that three-pin block that goes directly to the anode of the diode is obviously track power.  Another pin on the block is ground, that will go to one side of the fan and also the negative side of the largest capacitor.  Finally, the 3rd connection will be the chuff switch, it'll be wired in parallel with the chuff going to the Cruise Commander.

Note that this board can NEVER be paralleled with anything connected directly to the sound board as the sound board chuff input must be TOTALLY isolated!  The chuff MUST go to something like the Cruise Commander or R2LC and the audio chuffs triggered by the serial data stream to the sound board.

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