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The 671 has three tabs sticking up on the brush plate. The center tab is the connection to the field. That is where the green wire goes. The two outside tabs are the brush connections. That is where the yellow and blue wires go. Does not matter which goes where. The black wire goes to center rail power. Usually a tab sticking up through the frame covered with a fiber sleeve is coming from the center rail rollers.

I think the black center rail wire to the side of the E unit is on the wrong side causing a direct short  if you connect the switch or the coil doesn't get power directly.    The center rail wire goes to the post on the opposite side of the E-unit switch/lever connection.

The center rail wire goes to the post on the other side.  It should be insulated from ground.  1 small wire from that post goes to the e-unit coil.  Usually the black wire from the front of the E-unit goes to this post also along with light wires, but connecting it the way you did should work.

The other side a small wire from the coil goes to the post for the switch.  When the switch connects it completes the ground energizing the E-unit when power is applied.

This may help

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...why does the unit require another power connection the units top tab Why does the E unit require 2 power connections?

There is a solder tab on the terminal board for use as a connection point for the motors(black wire), E-unit hot side of coil, headlamps, and the wires from the collectors/rollers. The lever is the on-off switch to (chassis/ground), for the E-unit coil.

The connections at the bottom are for the motor(s), switched by the E-Unit activation/action. The black wire goes to the terminal board as a form of strain relief and a convenient place to have all center rail connections made.

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