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I have an O gauge Lionel rig dating from the early 60's running on 4x8 plywood. I have wired the track and switches.  Everything is working fine.  I just wired my first decoupler track.  It seems to be working fine.  My track power must be on for it to work though.  I'm thinking I want a constant power supply similar to the way I wired my 022 switches.

I have an RW transformer.  U is the middle rail.  A is the outside rail.

Am I overthinking this?

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The uncouplers were designed way back when, and it was assumed that they, being toys, needed to be easy to install by the average kid and his dad, and fool-proof.

Of course, we all are subject to "if it works, take it apart and find out why" syndrome and its corollaries. But making the controller to the uncoupling/unloading track constantly powered introduces some unintended consequences. The powered-by-the-track feature means that it can't be left powered when not needed. A stray unintended button activation (never discount the abilities of a cat or guest) or a crossed wire can start an overheating situation.

It's best to leave it the way it was made at the factory and do what the man said: Put the train in neutral and adjust the track power to the minimum needed voltage for reliable operation.

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