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I've got my i-phone and two super-mode set TIU-WIU's working fine on 25 of my 26 mainline blocks (we call these blocks MLW1 through MLW13 and MLE 1 through MLE13.

We need ideas for further diagnosis!

Each of our 26 mainline, 28 sidetrack and 20 whisker track blocks are powered from one of the output channels of the two TIU's each hooked successfully to a WIU.  All TIU channels set to "Fixed".   

The 26 Mainline blocks are MLE1 through MLE13 and MLW1 through MLW13

With all block power toggled off (except MLE10) we tested the DCS App on several of our MTH engines set on the toggled ON MLE10 block (with all other mainline blocks toggled OFF.   

With just the MLE10 block toggled ON, the DCS App on my i-phone 12 successfully found, started up, operated and shut down each of several MTH engines tested on that block.

Then we sequentially toggled ON, a block at a time, the other 25 Mainline blocks.  As each block was toggled ON and added to the powered ON group, the test engines on MLE10 still successfully found, started up, operated and shut down each engine. 

This continued until we toggled ON the last remaining block (MLW10).  Then the DCS App wouldn't find, start up operate or shut down any of the test engines.

We then reversed the test process by toggling OFF all blocks but MLW10, then toggled back the other bocks one by one.

All worked fine until we added the last (MLE10( block.  Same results!  App wouldn't find or operate any engine.

So we need help to determine why the MLW10 and MLE10 blocks, when toggled ON together, wreck the performance of the DCS App.

One clue is that both the MLE10 and MLW10 blocks are powered from the Variable channel of our TIU#1.   

Would value any ideas for further diagnosis.

Many thanks in advance.


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