This wonderful documentary film about the life and philosophy of the late Fred Rogers recently won an AARP Best Documentary award that is well deserved. Mr. Rogers was a rare talent whose television show taught tolerance and understanding to countless young children. His soft soft spoken demeanor was well suited to speak to young children in a manner they could readily comprehend. His show was also very educational, and did so in a manner devoid of slapstick or other exaggerated comic silliness. The famous neighborhood trolley served as a transition device from reality to the fantasy world of make believe. The set and the puppets were not super fancy, but they were delightful in their lack of sophistication. Fred did much of the puppet work and all the voices, and he composed and played the piano music. He was an ordained minister, yet he practiced his religious principles instead of preaching and merely quoting scripture. I wish there was someone like Fred Rogers when I was a child in the mid 1940's. I urge all of our forum members to see this beautifully directed documentary film, which features interviews with his sons and his widow and the staff members of the show. Our cynical and frequently corrupt world could use more people like the late Mr. Fred Rogers!

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Hey Art..........

kudos to you for bringing this up!  Rosie and I watched this documentary just the other night, and I was awestruck.  I N E V E R watched Mr. Rogers when I was young.......thought he was too sissy.  Oh heck was I WRONG!   The man stood his ground, was so in tune with the needs of wee ones, and perhaps, even bigger kids.  I heartily agree that all Forum members should watch this documentary.  The scene where gets a ignorant Senator to back down on the Senators' squashing a Public Tv budget ( I believe that was the topic of the hearing) is priceless!!!!!

Oh yeah.......the Trolley is often shown. Not my cup o' tea.......yet it ran on rails


Thanks Art

He was a wonderful man. Very quiet and I understand he was a vet but you would now it from him. That is the type of individual that makes me proud to be from the Burgh. Because of great under appreciated men like Mr. Rogers. 


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