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@jim sutter posted:

Mark, thank you for answering my questions.

Jim, I got thinking about Corner Field, the train shop in particular.  My response earlier wasn’t fair to them.  Without thinking about it, I was comparing to a larger shop here in Pennsylvania.  I updated my earlier response. They do have more new trains than I was originally thinking.  They have a nice selection of new and used, and Tom can preorder/built to order as well.  I sold them short earlier.

@Jayhawk500 posted:

I see a road trip in the future coming up. Just have to cross the state, no biggie.

A couple of other great places to visit in Ohio is the The Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugarcreek... you need to make reservations ahead of time(online) for the tour... they usually put 10 people in each group...

And the Ernest Warther Museum in Dover... I was totally blown away by the talent and genius of this man !

Both are awesome places to visit... you can probably do both on the same day.

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