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Being the Cab2 with all the fancy screen and buttons is really high in price, I was wondering what features you loose when using a Cab1L.  The 37155 from what I can tell will work with our Legacy 14295 base.

With young kids I am wondering about the other remote for friends they have over or younger cousins etc.  I know you couldn't use the train brake feature and switch between engines as easy.  Can you still do the quilling whistles?  Any other things missing?  

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The CAB1L doesn't offer the train brake, one feature I really like.  It allows me to get all sorts of variations on labored running, you can't do that with the CAB1L.  You get limited quilling whistle with the CAB1L, but it's somewhat of a PITA as it's done in the remote and not in the command base.  Stuff like the wheels slip for the VL-BB and Challenger are not available.  Also, the AUX3 button isn't there, so the features it invokes are no longer available.

All the basic running features are still there, it's not like you can't run and enjoy the trains with the CAB1L, just missing a few fun features I like to play with at times.

@Ted S posted:

Are there any advantages to using the CAB-1L with a Base-1L instead of a Legacy 992 base?  For example: better communication, extra features, different channels to avoid conflict with another club, etc.?  If not, what's the point of the Base-1L?

No advantage other than an additional inexpensive remote for the 990. The reason behind Base1L was to compliment the Cab1L. Without a Base1L you would be required to buy a Legacy system, an unnecessary purchase, for the limited functionality of the Cab1L.  The Cab1L / Base1L combination was released due to an overwhelming demand for something easier to use and less expensive than a 990 when the original TMCC Cab and Base were discontinued.

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