Wooden ties for under tubular track

Can't remember the site, but I know I've seen them for sale before.  Google turn up anything for you?


Alternatively did you consider making them yourself?  Pick up some balsa/basswood strips the proper width and height, cut to size and dump in a bath of stain.  Simple, quick, and inexpensive.

8x10 Layout running w/2 lines

Next step scenery and structures

back in the dark ages (1950's) 1/8" thick masonite was used quite a bit...cut into strips and  cut to length...the brown of the masonite is sort of close the the brown metal ties on

0-27...not what scale folks like...but looks good with older trains...especially with roadbed made from gray roofing shingles...




If you have a table saw or a band saw, you can make your own quite easily. For 0-27 sized rail, I've used luan (lauan) panels and for 0-sized rail, I've used 1/4" thick plywood. Cut a strip as wide as your tie length - I think it was around 2-1/2". Then, slice the strip into the individual ties - around 5/8" or so. The messy part comes when you dunk the things into the stain bucket, retrieve them, and lay them out to dry on old newspapers. Longer switch ties are quite easy using the same process.


Take your time and watch your fingers!



Ther are vendors on Ebay that sell black and brown ties for traditional tubular track, and they are inexpensive.  I would be more specific, bit it has been a few months and I no longer remember but they are readily available.  I use traditional O gauge black tie tubular and I really like the look with the additional ties.


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I made my own.



Nice work.  What was the track before you started, regular tubular?  If so, how did you attach the the rails to the ties?  Also, did you consider staining them darker?

8x10 Layout running w/2 lines

Next step scenery and structures

If you have O gauge tubular track and want to match those ties, the easiest way to make your own is to go to your local home improvement store and get the lath strips meant for fastening bug screens to doors & windows.  It is almost exactly the same width and height as Lionel ties, and the top edges are slightly rounded like the Lionel ties.  Cut it to length and spray it satin black.

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