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Is there any difference in the quality between the 24' roll of Woodland trackbed and the 12 pieces of 2' long sections you get in a pack. Is one easier to lay down than the other? Are the 2' pieces as flexible as the roll material? Any input would be appreciated.


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I too have used both and the material appears to be constant. One advantage to the 24’ roll would be that you will have a longer run with fewer seams to matchup. I actually added the roadbed to my layout after the track was down and no slicing was necessary on the straight runs. Slicing the roadbed in half as recommended and where there was slight cupping on the curves...a little contact cement took care of the problem. I do have screws only holding the track in place and through the trackbed material. That has worked well for my application.



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There's no difference. When I was trying the different manufacturers' track and roadbed offerings, I tried WS - both the roll and the pieces. Both worked well, but I ended up not using it as intended. I mounted the track (Gargraves) directly on the homasote table top and then cut the beveled edges off the WS roadbed and glued those edges against the ties. That not only cut down on the amount of ballast I needed, it also lowered the overall track profile. I haven't figured out what I'll do with the leftover remnants, but I'll figure out something.

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