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I'm quite sure you can use the products over WS Realwater.  As said above, check their website....lots of tutorials.

Re WS EZ Water.....melting pellets.  After the advent of single-pour Realwater, and our (LHS) horrid longterm experience with EZ Water, we quit carrying the latter.  Our store O3R layout from the late 90's had a small EZ Water pond/lake....our excuse for a Lionel short truss bridge crossing.  Well, after about 2 years, the EZ Water started to shrink and crack.  It pulled away from the banks, had severe cracks throughout, and, worst of all, turned pee yellow.   We 'algaed' it heavily to hide the flaws....and decided never to use it again, nor recommend/offer it to our customers.

Our N and HO layouts, built subsequently, have Realwater features that look excellent to this day.  At the time they were built WS only offered "Water Effects", a thick, white (dries clear) material to add to the top of fully cured Realwater that is easy with brush strokes to form ripples, give a sense of motion to the water.  

Haven't tried the new stuff you mention, but I suspect it's a thicker version yet.  

EZ Water is one of the very few WS products that disappointed.  Otherwise their products, advertisements, tutorials, innovation, buildings, figures, lighting systems, fencing, etc., etc.......all good!

IMHO, of course, and FWIW.


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I think I used EZ Water years ago for my son's science project  (diorama of a dam). I'm not sure so I don't want to slam a particular product but the melting pellets were awful.  Most of it stayed in the pot, thick viscosity, and terrible appearance.  Threw the whole thing out and started over using plexiglass sheets for the water.

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