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Woodland Scenics electrical stuff Just arrived.  Sending out pre-order invoices today.


The substations do not come with the cyclone fence as pictured, but I did get some of the fences from Woodland scenics separately.  I will list them both with and without the fence, so u dont have to purchase the fence separately if u want it.

Also some 2017 Lionel items (CSX passenger cars, Csx bathtub gonds, NYC Lionelscale (weaver) NYC offset hopper cars, and a few other things, have arrived.  Also some Atlas NOS 2 bay usra hopper cars.  Havent sorted thru it yet..  There's some other NOS Atlas and weaver stuff here that I have to go thru and list.  Possibly will have a chance to go thru a lot of the Weaver PS-1 box cars that are here and get them listed.  Id say there are about 50 different ones here.

Back to work getting orders out the door......



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