Worlds most beautiful locomotive

Even though these are not my photos, and I'm surprised it was only mentioned once near the beginning of this topic, but SP 4449 or any Daylight color GS series to me the most beautiful steam locomotive made. As to the 4449, I prefer the large Southern Pacific on the tender then the small Southern Pacific Lines. As to a 2nd, 3rd & 4th favorite for me, is the NYC Hudson, Empire State Express Streamline Hudson & Niagara.


And for added bonus for a diesel, these 3 in order are my favorite below for beauty in my opinion for color, not counting engine style or body. All 3 photos below, I took myself.


Plus this below, which I took this photo, to add for a final bonus.



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milwrd posted:

It's a no brainer: Here ya go

Image result for milwaukee road 4-6-4 hiawatha pic

Given that this is how she started out her life, it seems a tragedy this is how she looked at the end.

Personally I like this iteration of the Hawatha

Image result for hiawatha steam locomotive

And she will always look young and beautiful on the Blueboard Central Division of American Flyer Lines

Enjoying the World's Greatest Hobby

Northwoods Flyer



OKHIKER posted:

Diesels are nice but I gotta go with this one. Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 Class J Northern.IMG_1521

Gilly@N&W posted:

Another vote for the Queen...


I will admit this. All of the streamlined steamers appeal to me. It's a slippery-slope to hold back and focus only on N&W.

I'm with OKHiker and Gilly!!

rex desilets posted:
Ken-Oscale posted:

I think someone mentioned the NYC Niagara, but no picture.   Its a contender in my view:


I almost agree. Lovely proportions, but done in with that brutally flat face

I'm one of those above who mentioned the Niagara - and I love the "flat face" (brutal? nah) of this loco. The whole machine has a modern, industrial tool look about it that I love - making those silly whitewalls look even sillier. Thankfully those whitewalls were not part of the production package.

Here's another one of my favorite locos.

I always have liked the looks of the A5 0-4-0. I didn't know until recently the 3891 was an actual A5 seen here taken in 1935 Lancaster, PA.

My Lionchief plus version shown below is a great runner. Unlike the earlier K-line tmcc versions, Lionel put the correct headlight and steam generator on it.

PRR 0_4_0 3891 frbw20180222_094400


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