My brother and I went to the WGH on Tour show yesterday in Hampton VA and had with us his granddaughter (4).  I hadn’t been to a train show in decades (golf and Harleys instead) so the WGH was going to be a new experience.

As it turned out, it was terrific for my brother, his granddaughter, and me as well.  Clearly geared towards kids and their parents and grandparents, I can see why these shows would not be everyone’s cup of tea.  But for parents and GP’s, the show was great.

Enough text, how about some snaps of the show starting with the huge Tidewater O Gauge Association layout.  This was the best layout, and had plenty of push button operating accessories:

WGH 55 - CopyWGH 56WGH 57WGH 58WGH 61

The LIONEL, MTH, and Bachmann were there but were primarily set-up for families; and if they had their brand new stuff out, I didn’t recognize it:

WGH 13WGH 14WGH 32WGH 33WGH 44WGH 46


Lots of other vendors, operating lay-outs in every scale, and all things Thomas, of course:

WGH 24WGH 25

WGH 38

We all had a great time.  We arrived a few minutes before the show opened, so the little one got the first two of her five rides on Thomas without having to wait in line--her Opa and great uncle Carl were most grateful.  She loved the trains--the operating layouts in all scales; the push button activated accessories; the push to run trains on wooden track; the Legos; etc.; and, being around dozens of other kids in the activity areas, Three hours of joy and plenty of Purell applications. 



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you did not mention that the regular Greenberg show was taking place also in the same hall. All train vendors in addition to some on the WGH side.

Carl, glad you and the children had a good time. For comparision, the show was much smaller than the Chantilly, packed to the gills show LOL. Having the greenburg "show" in the same hall which was seperated by some black curtains, helped somewhat. Picked up a couple of items for myself in the greenburg area.

Since ebay is now charging tax, as I've experienced, it will be interesting to see if the smaller shows vendors attendance grows again.

As we were preparing to leave the WGH show, we walked over to the black curtains which my brother was confident separated the two shows.  He's lived in the Tidewater area for a long time and has been to the convention center plenty of times so he was familiar with the hall.  Being new to the area, I didn't think it was likely that the two shows would have separate ticket sales and separate lines and entry points only to have the shows separated by an unmonitored open curtain.

My brother was right of course.  And the Greenburg show was familiar territory for me--tables filled with PW Lionel for the most part--although that is an opinion based on a very quick tour.

I'm glad there are others here who do a much better job of providing photos and descriptions of shows than I did.  I should have had more photos of the operating layouts that were so very well done and had interesting features that were noteworthy.  And I clearly don't know enough about newer products to engage vendor reps for the latest information.  

I'm not sure when I will go to a similar show, but before I do, I'll be sure to ask here if there is anything specific I should look for or ask about that may be of help to others.



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I guess either WGH or Greenburg decide to cooperate ? I did hear they are both run by the same people ?

I only knew about the Greenburg because their website said the ticket was good for both.

They are in fact run by the same corp. Trainshow, inc. This is the first time they were combined.

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