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I am helping a friend with a MTH PS2 Southern Trainmaster that will barely  move.  All the DS functions are working correctly but the locomotive will barely move.  Inspection revealed that one motor was working OK but the other, while wheels would turn ok with engine upside down in cradle but if you touched the wheels, it would stop.  I removed the shell and separated the motor from the trucks and discovered the worm gear was slipping on the motor shaft.  In fact, you could just pull it off.  Is this something that can be repaired or must I buy a new motor?
I would appreciate help on how to proceed.



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@GGG posted:

Boy that is a new one.  Never saw that before.  If you can pull off by hand I don't think loctite would be a permanent fix.  I would look to see if the worm is actually cracked.  You could order a new motor.  G

We have seen that at MTH.  Quite rare, but the symptom is the flywheel spinning with the gear slipping on the shaft.  The worm has a stepped hole, so only the part near the motor is fixed to the shaft.

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