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Hey!  I know that posts about posting aren't always appreciated on these forums, but I think it is worth noting that OGR now has 2000 pages of archived 3-rail gauge posts, dating to 2011.  The Forum dates to 2000, but earlier forms of it would let inactive threads drop off after 6 months or so of inactivity.  For a very active forum, such as this is, in an era when forum posting is not often used, that is quite an achievement to reach such a deep catalog of information.  

To keep this post friendly to an O gauge audience, here are some train shots I have posted over the years. 


My Polar Express train for Christmas in July, 2009.



Plus, a Thomas the Tank Engine Fall Foliage excursion.


My K-Line Reading 4-6-2 leading a Boscov's Department store special. 


My Empire State Express freight train running around the bed spread.  

All of these photos pre-date the archived threads, so everything old is new again.  If you want to add some oldies, this might be the place for you. 


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"What did you do on your layout today?" and "Buy anything cool lately?" account for 25% of the total.  Don't know if the infamous Natty Boh reefer thread is included or any of the "What's your favorite train song/movie?" threads, but that would be another chunk. 

What, me worry? 

JohnActon posted:
Lou N posted:

When I saw the title of your post I thought there was a new Legacy or PS3 manual coming out.

Lou N

That's a scary thought a 2000 page manual on how to make your train run.  J   

Many years ago QSI provided a fully upgraded RoW PRR T1 with their electronics.  This pre-dates MTH PS1.  Tom Lendzion (former Lionel employee, then with RoW) showed it to me when it arrived, pointing out the 40 page operators manual.  We took one look, shook our heads, and walked away.

Lou N

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