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I have purchased these but not yet installed them on the layout. However, I have been playing around with them.

1. The spools of wire make adjusting the length easy, so you can adjust one to be longer than the other.

2. Based on my experimentation you should be able to get a bit of a sag with some finagling. The suggestion is to have the poles 80 scale feet apart but you can determine the slack of the lines between them. I'm thinking when the poles are in place I may need to set a light "weight" on them to get the sag. I will determine the need and logistic for this once they are in place.


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To be honest, I am not impressed with Woodland Scenics utility line poles.   To me the poles look too fat.   I guess I should use the term "plump", as to not hurt their feelings in our politically correct world...LOL!      I personally like the look of the Lionel poles, 6 for around $36 plus change.   The Lionel poles are probably very easy to find at any generic train show.   Just a thought........

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