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Hi all. I'm looking for 072 curves in 027 profile tubular track. Or if someone has o guage I could do 12 072 curves and 20 ten inch straights.  I'm currently running a mixture of Marx and Lionel on a 5x9 layout. The 072 would be for the outer run. Would like to get about 16 pieces. I'd rather have more than less. I've seen a few shops that sell it, but wanted to see if anyone here has any that they aren't using for a reasonable price. I can PayPal friends and family for payment. Thanks!

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If you've seen this track (O27 height, O72 radius) in a few shops - BUY THEM. For easy ID, these tracks have 6 brown ties and are 15 inches long. Are you sure that what you've been seeing at these shops are not O54's'?

They are almost impossible to find, haven't even seen them at York, even though I look carefully. I have a number on the layout and maybe 15 in inventory for future use.  Hobby shops in this tri-state area have not had any O27 height track at all for the past few years. It is rare too to find even O gauge tubular at hobby shops now.

I search EBAY frequently - they never show up.

K-line is the only one who made O27 height O72 curves, and then for only about two years.

I think Menards is the only one making/importing O gauge tubular track now (and in many radiuses). I wish they would pick up on O27 height track too.

You might find this of some interest: Lionel Tubular track info & tips (

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