I'm on a somewhat silly mission to complete my collection of Classic Toy Trains promotional items. Most of these items came from York, but others were issued elsewhere.

Please e-mail me at papertrw@aol.com if you can help. I have duplicates to trade or will purchase outright.


Buttons and Pins:

1) NYC F-3/April 1999 Button with "www.classictrain.com" website instead of the usual "www.classtrain.com"
2) Classic Toy Trains rectangular lapel pin
3) 2003 TCA Convention Banquet Button (the convention that year was in Ontario, California)

Looking for the Stickers that match the above pins. They'll look similar, but not exact. (Usually, the date was removed.) All came from York after the supply of buttons was exhausted:

1) ZW Transformer
2) Western Pacific F-3
3) Atlantic Coast Line F-3


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