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Hello All,

I am looking to buy an RMT Beep, in lightly used condition.   It must be the model made 2010 and later, which has the upgraded circuit board, and runs at medium high speed.  (The 2003 to 2009 models would just travel at very slow to moderately slow speeds, even at the highest voltage.)

Need a proven runner.  Light handling marks, dings, signs of honest wear are fine.  Doesn't matter what road name or number. I am not looking for Excellent, but the rollers must show only light wear, and it must still have a good traction tire on it.  Lights and e-switch must all work properly.

I already have a BEEP shell, so if you are interested in just selling the chassis with couplers, and keeping the shell,  that would be fine as well.

If you have one, and feel like you want to send me a short video showing its highest travel speed, just to be sure, then that would certainly be welcomed. 

Thanks for all e-mails and offers.


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