WTB: K-Line Reading Passenger Cars

I don't believe K-line ever produced these as 21" cars.  They appear as 18" cars in the 2006 Vol 2 catalogue as one 4 pack and two 2 packs.

K-4681D 3006 Obs, 31186 Diner, 32015 Coach,  31562 Baggage

K-4681E 32002 Grill, 32060 Coach

K-4681F 30593 Combine, 32050 Wall Street Club 

They are all difficult to find, but I looked for 9 years before I found the club car.  

It's best to consider upgrading them to LEDs, because they have high current draw, flicker a lot, and had poor quality control on the wiring.  I found dead shorts, disconnected wiring, and bad rollers.  Having said that, they are magnificent to see running behind the matching K-line F units; especially after I got a smoking B unit from bluelinec4 (Ben).   

Next up they go for a Ramble behind the new Reading T1.

There is a guy who specializes in K line passenger trains; he claims to have a room full of boxes he can't even access.  I'll try to contact him and put him onto this thread.

I may have the ones your are looking for under my layout in the eBay sectioned off area,  stuff for future sale. I will take a look see and check tomorrow.

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