WTB Lionel Hall class engine and passenger cars.

A bit of background information: 

I have the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set.  For almost a year it has been on display and run at a local historical society where it has performed flawlessly.  It even took a header off of the layout when run by an enthusiastic elementary school student and came back ticking - the floor was wood.  I packed it up for the Christmas season when I changed the theme to a circus layout.  I was informed by the museum that there have been numerous inquiries as to when the Hogwarts Express will return.  The layout is two very simple ovals, with the other oval hosting the Polar Express.  The Hogwarts Express returned today, but I have left the other oval vacant.  The layout display will take on a Harry Potter theme with the use of at least one Marx castle from a playset, and the Harry Potter figures by Nano figures (?).  I would like to run another Hall class engine and passenger cars.  I was doing some research and I know there were other sets produced.  Ideally I would like to find a Shakespeare Express set with the Kinlet Hall engine.  Does anyone have a Shakespeare set for sale, or know of a dealer who might still have one gathering dust on a shelf?  My searching efforts have not turned up anything.  I know that I could find another Hogwarts Express set which I might do, but I was hoping for some diversity.  I would consider other Hall Class engines and passenger cars but I would like the engine to be conventional and have a whistle.  You can reach me through my contact information in my profile, or here I guess.  I don't think there are new rules for this forum.

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I have a set of 3 green cars that were the second run.  They are new.  Let me know.







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