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Hi All...

This is my first post. I'm the proud owner of a 1977 southern crescent limited set my dad got in 1979 and 2 years later I was born. In my young ages my dad would let me run it around the track but being the rambunctious little guy I was he saw me derail it in the mid 90s and said no more!! He packed it up and said when I'm old enough it will be mine.


Well, 20+ years later in 2009 my dad handed me the set and said son, it's all yours!! I've rebuilt the trucks and she runs each and every Christmas. 

Now, I have a 22 month old son (first child) and want to pass the tradition on to him. I saw this locomotive a few days ago and have been obsessed ever since!!

I know it's a long shot but am hoping someone has this locomotive for sale. 

Can't wait to hear from you all!!

Take care,




Hi everyone. I wanted to post of a gentlemen who I think is trying to scam out of $875. 

I received a personal email 3 days ago from a gentlemen in Florida saying he has this train for sale, new in box. He said he can ship immediately but I would need to pay via Bitcoin. That was my first red flag. I said, no I don't pay via Bitcoin since there is no buyer protection.

He then stated I could pay via an app called CashApp. Again, that app has zero buyer protection. I said PayPal would be the only way I would pay. He replied saying he would use his 'friends' account to accept my payment but I MUST pay via 'family and friends' through PayPal. Once again, paying via family and friends through PayPal offers zero buyer protection. 

I just wanted to let everyone know to be on the look for a scam artist who's somehow a member of this forum but is not who he says he is. I will keep you posted as this scam continues and I play along and see what he says...

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