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Hello everyone I have recently gotten a mth TIU with the remote and I have been playing around with it for quite a bit now. I have a couple of ps2/3 diesels and I want to try some scale steam. So if anyone has any mth premier steam locomotives with ps2 or 3 that they are willing to part with please let me know. Thanks! 

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Any interest in a Scale Pennsylvania 4-6-0 G5s?  It's MTH item # 20-3658-1 from the 2016 Volume 2 catalog.  I purchased it from Nicholas Smith trains in 2018.  It has PS3 and a quill-able whistle.  Very sharp looking and can negotiate O-31 curves.  Pretty low runtime, but I'd have to get it out to check the odometer/chrono.

P.S. I have the cab number that is at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg pictured here:

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Three interesting locomotive with PS-2. More photos and information if you are interested. Contact information in my profile.

MTH Premiere 2-8-0 H10s Consolidation Locomotive, Pennsylvania Cab 7688, 20-3055-1. C-8+ Test run with low numbers.

MTH Premiere Climax Logging Locomotive, Hillcrest Lumber Company, Cab #10, 20-3039-1. C-9 NIB but tested.

MTH USRA 0-6-0 switcher


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  • Hillcrest Loco
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