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Hello all,

I am looking for quite a few Ross switches and wanted to see if anyone had some to pass on before I place a large order directly through Ross. Here is what I'm looking for:

1x #100 RH 11*

1x #126 O72

1x #200 RH #4

5x #201 LH #4

1x #240 O120/O96 "#8" Curved

1x #270 11* double cross

1x 4-way Wye

I'm located just north of Salt Lake City. Thank you for your time!

edit: adjusted requested quantities

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Original Post

I’ve had a few members reach out and have since purchased many items. Thank you everyone for reaching out so quickly! My quantities have been updated.

I have engines that I’m willing to trade.

mTH Premier SD70ACe UP Heritage (big flag) with PS2, box inckuded

MTH Premier Dash 9 Santa Fe with PS2 Box Included

MTH Railking NYC Hudson PS2 w/box

MTH Railking NYC Aluminum passenger car set (4 cars) w/box

photos to come in FS section

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