I was looking for a trestle set and am interested in purchasing a graduated and an elevated trestle set.  Any help would be appreciated.

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As far as I can find, and if anybody would like to correct me I’m all ears, there is NO trestle set made directly for use with Atlas track, I have found people making the MTH elevated trestle and Pier set work, but you need to supply 1/4” plywood and cut that out to sit on the the risers. But again if my research is wrong and somebody can show me a set made for Atlas track I will add it to my knowledge  

The K-Line packaging for their trestle sets states it's compatible with Atlas track.  Here's an eBay item number for the K-Line trestle set--303373266449.

I have two (2) Lionel Arch-Under Bridge(s), 6-12770.   I will sell you for $20 each + shipping from 22630.  They aare for 0 or O-27 track.  Instructions included.

Details in profile.



Using zip ties, I adapted LIONEL's elevated "A" trestles with Gargraves traack for a Christmas loop last year:

bridges 3 003


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Ok after looking at all these options, I am looking to buy the K-Line 41811, 41812 and 41814.  If anyone has these sets let me know. 

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