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Good condition Lionel ZW, all the outputs and function have been tested and work as they should, has original power cord but it is still pliable and i dont see any cracks. I replaced several of the terminals that had the rivets broke with new ones that are secured with a nut on the back. Also installed a new 15amp circuit breaker. Asking $120 shipped ground to the lower 48.

please contact me at if interested




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  • 4834173F-5B24-4CFC-B903-92B1BC728A14
  • 4F33F21B-31F5-4ECE-AB50-B7F9D87E10CD
  • EB133D4F-2FCD-4ED4-A6DE-C61B9A27617F
  • 62EB5E01-E852-42E6-8F24-B27DA0073220
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