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AmFlyer posted:

Tom, that sounds like a lot of work. I keep mine to one level. I hope you can get it done.

Yes it is certainly a lot more than I bargained for. The platform is about 72 sq ft of ½” plywood covered with ½” EPS foam and is coffee table height.

I will try to post some pix as I go, but getting it done (or largely done) by T-day will be a push.

Tom Stoltz

in Maine

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Well, finally got to test some trains on the lower level loops. Outer loop is 29” minimum radius with the inner loop being a mix of 29” and 24”. Upper level is started and will mix all 3 radii. Grades are ¼” per foot – a touch over 2%. There is no way I’ll get this done by next Thursday… We’ll be living in a constructions site for a while.

Tom Stoltz
in Maine




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Progress is being made. My daughter has been a great help. She built a curved truss bridge (is there a prototype?) and also made the tunnel portals. Doing topo levels in foam is way more time consuming than I would have every thought.

I was hoping other people would post some pictures of their Christmas layouts.

Tom Stoltz, still plugging along in Maine

AES & EEK building bridge

bridge 2

me looking on

prelim 4


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  • AES & EEK building bridge: daughter & granddaughter
  • bridge 2
  • me looking on
  • prelim 4
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Here is a picture of our annual Christmas display.  S gauge on the top and 3 rail o gauge on the bottom.  I bought the FlyerChief Polar Express set this year and I really like it.  I bought the extra baggage to go with the 3 car set.  Some years this display is all Flyer with pre war O gauge running on the bottom. 



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MR_P posted:
Tom Stoltz posted:

Christmas night videos...  we made it.

Happy Christmas to all,




Nice work, what did you put on top of the foam to make it look so realistic ?

Hi MR_P,

Thank you. I think we use mostly white felt from a fabric store – I saw on line that Wal-Mart carries it. I believe there is also some flannel. What I can tell you is it is thick, like felt, compared with cloth. My wife went to JoAnn Fabrics this year to get some more and came home with thin flannel. Definitly not that! I find cotton too thick for people and trees to stay upright reliably.


Conductor Earl posted:

I like the 1956 layout Bob including  the "mountain paper" backdrop.  I could still find some in the 70s at Christmas time.  Wasn't that a Life-Like product? I recall that the  replacement looked more like camouflage.     

The mountain paper in the picture was the "real thing". Mountain paper was originally a product of the Mauer Paint Company (Philadelphia, PA) in the 1920's, later licenced to Jefferson Sales (Jeffersonville, PA) under the E-Z Bilt name, and then subsequently picked up by Life-Like in the mid-1950's. The camouflage paper was a product of the 1970's onward and does not look anywhere near as good. The Mauer-invented paper was made with lead-based paint, real mica snow, and potassium permanganate as a fire retardant and would be completely unacceptable under the current consumer product regulations.

Probably more than you wanted to know. 


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