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I took my 2020 Y-3 of the shelf the other day and tested it.   It bound up in a right hand turn Sparked and the inline track fuse blew.   Put engine on a straight and replaced fuse.  Engine started up .....sounds,smoke, lights. AOK Back engine up to a left turn and engine bound up.  Repositioned engine to a straight piece and started engine.  This time no sound, smoke, lights....engine would only run forward and backward.  inspected the linkage no problems reoiled all moving parts more binding.   Today replaced BEMC board and now all functions are back.  This makes the 3 or fourth board in the engine. Why am I losing these boards?   Lionel lets have a 50 percent off sale on parts.........I am down to one extra board.  ( I am assuming you readers know these boards are regularly 90.00 each)..................

This Jack is the same as the one below it and is left empty. Does anyone know why......



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You didn’t give us an item # but from the looks of it, it appears to be Lionmaster type articulated locomotive. Check the screw that mounts the motor to truck for looseness, and while you’re there, go ahead and remove that screw, and take a look at the worm gear and worm wheel on the axle. Some of these were notorious for going into self destruct mode and eating the gears alive. I’m not sure if your model is afflicted, but since you’re there, it’s worth taking a look. ……you’ll see a badly worn groove in the worm wheel on the axle, and the worm gear grinds itself to a pencil point. Lionel addressed this issue in some later releases, but I’m not sure which ones,… again, it’s worth a simple look, …..


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