Join Ken Jr. From TrainWorld Explore The York Eastern TCA Train Show Fall 2019 On TrainWorldTV! Special guests from Lionel, MTH, Atlas, Roco, Bachmann, Williams And More! This is your exclusive pass to the York TCA Train Show! Hope everyone enjoys it.  Most of these guests came in early or stayed later to put these interviews together so make sure you thank all these great guests when you can!  

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Ken, I watched those videos the very day you guys posted them. You're practically a media celebrity now.

Though watching the video, I couldn't help but wonder if someone was trying to muscle in on your status. The PA announcements seemed to be perfectly timed to when you were recording. Maybe someone had a lookout who said "let me know when Ken of Trainworld is recording, so I can get famous too."

Seriously now, last year you guys did one with Mike Wolf at YORK. Your dad was there and he was joking with Mike about it being early in the morning. They both looked like they were having fun. And Mike was enjoying it and being very personable. I remember thinking as I watched that, "this could make me want to buy some MTH stuff from Trainworld," save that I don't do digital control and am strictly a 027 guy.

In this modern time of very small production runs and where many people don't have a local train shop, you guys do a great service with not only the interview videos, but your product demonstration videos too.


Haha I dont know about celebrity but thank you for the kind feedback.  We all have fun with these videos now which Im glad that shows.  Trains is a fun hobby so we try to make it light and somewhat entertaining.  The TCA always times there announcements perfectly lol.  We had to cut out Ice Cream Social announcement many times lol.  

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